Our puppies are exclusivly raised on Orijen Puppy food, the most award winning kibble in the world. Your puppy is sold with a 1 bag requirement that you will feed Orijen for at least 1 25lb bag.  After the first bag, you can feed any food you choose, but we hope you consider Orijen or Acana, both are manufactured by Champion Dog Food. 

Vitamins.  Your puppy is sold with a 1 bottle requirement of NuVet vitamins.  Please research this amazing antioxidant vitamin.  Your puppy's immune system is going through huge stress their first 6 months due to immunizations, heart worm meds, flea and tick meds etc.  The least we can do is provide them an antioxidant vitamin to help boost their immune system.  50% of all dogs will die of cancer.  Cancer is the #1 disease that kills our beloved GSP breed.  Please consider this antioxidant vitamin for life and buy from us even if you don't buy a puppy from us.  Or call 800-474-7044 order code 63302.

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